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    LumaLift™ Ultrasonic Face Scrubber Pro

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    Elevate Your Skincare Routine with the LumaLift Ultrasonic Face Scrubber - Your Must-Have Beauty Companion!


    With ULTRASONIC, ION+, ION-, and EMS MICROCURRENT modes at your service, the LumaLift Ultrasonic Face Scrubber is more than a skincare device; it's your partner in achieving the skin you've always dreamed of. 

    Here is why it's a must have

    💧 Say Goodbye to Dryness with ION-
    Dry skin, be prepared for a transformation! LumaLift's ION- feature is like a refreshing sip of water for your skin. It helps your skin drink in moisture more effectively, leaving it plump, refreshed, and ready to face the world.

    ⏱️ Effortless Beauty, Anytime, Anywhere
    Elevate your skincare routine without leaving your comfort zone. The LumaLift is not only effective but also compact, user-friendly, and rechargeable, ensuring that spa-quality treatments are just a touch away.

    Want to turn back the clock? Our EMS Microcurrent technology is like a little magic wand for your skin. It's your ally in reducing fine lines and wrinkles, helping you achieve that youthful, fresh look you've been dreaming of.

    🌿 Revel in Clear Pores with ION+
    Bid farewell to pesky blemishes and clogged pores. The LumaLift's ION+ function is like a gentle breeze that opens up your pores for deep cleansing, making sure you stay blackhead-free and confidently radiant.

    ✨ Unleash Your Inner Glow with ULTRASONIC Mode
    Imagine having that enviable, radiant skin you've always wanted. Our Ultrasonic Mode is like a gentle, revitalizing massage for your face. It banishes dullness, sweeps away makeup residue, and clears out impurities, unveiling your skin's natural, luminous beauty.


    • Clean the skin scrubber with alcoholic cotton before use.
    • Make sure your skin is moist when using the Ion+ mode.
    • Do not use skin cleanser on damaged skin.