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    LintZap ™ - Electric Lint Remover

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    Say hello to lint free clothes with  this lint remover


     The ultimate solution to keep your clothes looking brand new, Our Electric Lint Remover is the perfect tool for removing pesky lint, fuzz, and pills from your favorite garments, leaving them looking fresh and clean.


    • Efficient
        With its powerful motor, this Electric Lint Remover can quickly and easily remove lint, fuzz, and pills from your clothes, leaving them looking clean and fresh. It is a reliable solution that can save you time and money, preventing the need to replace clothes due to unsightly pilling or fuzziness.

    • Multiple modes
      The device is very customizable and comes  with 3 settings to remove lint  from multiple type of textile, ensuring lint gets favorite clothes are lint free.

    • 6 Stainless steel blades  
      ts stainless steel blades are durable and efficient, leaving no residue or damage to your fabric, ensuring that your clothes look great for longer , our lint remover is upgraded and has 6 steel blades that will carefully remove lint from clothes .

    • Safe to use 
      Unlike other electric lint remover that only start removing lint with no safety causing clothes to be damaged , our lint remover has smart built in technology that first sucks in lints before our meticulously crafted stainless blade safely removes lint, ensuring a very targeted lint removal operation .

    • Large battery It's  large and rechargeable battery ensures that you have long using time  without  having to worry about constantly recharging it, making it both economical and eco-friendly since it helps you keep your favorite clothes looking great and lint-free for a  longer period so you don't buy new ones all the time.

    • Ergonomic
      The device fits perfectly in your hand thanks to the ergonomic shape that allows a ease and comfortable , which makes  perfect for removing lint from sweaters, pants, blankets, and even upholstery