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    AirPro Compressor ™ Powerful Portable Air Compressor

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    AirPro Compressor - The Perfect Tool for Any Job Site or Home Garage.

    Portable  Air compressor Pro 
     Our Portable Air Compressor Pro is a must-have tool for any professional or DIY enthusiast, it's  perfect for inflating tires, powering pneumatic tools and more , it comes with a easy-to-read gauge and various attachments that will help you inflate different pneumatic tools.


    with  a very compact size of 5,98 inch tall and only 2,4 inch wide, this device  is designed to be easily moved from one location to another , so you always have it by your side and ready to use when needed.

    Intelligent Dual Display 
     This device features an intelligent built-in technology that automatically stops when the preset pressure value is reached, ensuring perfect results every time with its upper section displaying the current pressure value and lower section displaying the preset pressure value

    Smart Modes 
    The device have 5 smart modes so you can inflate a variety of products 

    High PSI 
    The device is compatct yet powerfull and can reach up120  PSI, so that your devices can get the needed value.

    Fast  Operating
    With up to 120 PSI, this device inflate your product in only 2030 seconds!

    Heat resistant

    Inflating has never been easier, it only take 3 steps !