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    THE TRAVELER CORNER ™ SmartFlex Activity Band

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    The perfect fitness tracker that combines cutting-edge technology with stylish design ,thanks to  its advanced features and affordable price, the Smart Fitness Bracelet is the perfect companion for your fitness journey.


    11 Fitness Modes
    The Smart Fitness Bracelet features a large AMOLED display that provides crisp and clear visuals, allowing you to easily track your fitness progress and stay on top of your goals. The device is equipped with 11 fitness modes, including running, cycling, swimming, and more, allowing you to accurately track your workouts and progress

    Smart Monitoring 
     The device comes with advanced health monitoring features, including 24/7 heart rate monitoring, blood oxygen level tracking, and sleep tracking. With this device, you can stay on top of your health and ensure that you are taking care of your body in the best way possible

    Smart Features 
    The Smart Fitness Bracelet  features smart connectivity features, such as photo taking, timer, music control and more, making it the perfect on the budget adevice for those who like tracking their fitness improvments without spending a fortune.

    Long Lasting 
    Thanks to the high quality components and high efficiency  , it can last  up  to14 days  on a single  charging, ensuring you a continuously use wihtout  having to worry about recharging.