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    THE TRAVELER CORNER ™ LuminaFlex Pro Lumbar Stretcher

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    LuminaFlex Pro Lumbar Stretcher
    the ultimate solution for back pain relief. It stretches and strengthens your spine, relieves chronic pain and improves flexibility within just of couple of use, this product hels you say hi to a pain-free back!


    • Improves posture   
      The back stretcher stretches strengthens the muscles in your back and spine, which helps to improve posture by keeping the spine in a neutral position, reducing rounded or hunched posture and promoting better alignment of the spine.

    • Pain Relief
      The device  helps relieves chronic back pain, improves flexibility and range of motion, reduces the risk of future back injuries and relieves stress and tension in the upper and lower back, shoulders, and neck by stretching and strengthening the spine.

    • Convenient 
       This is a portable device  which makes it very convenient to use at any given time, the  back stretching routine can easily be incorporate in to your day to day activities.
    •  Adjustments : This device comes have 3 adjustments , low arched ( gear 1 ) , medium arched ( gear 2 ) and very arched ( gear 3 ), we recommend you start with low arched mode and work your way up.

    • High quality 
      The device is build with material of high and durable quality, it's very though and can support up to 350 pounds! 

    • Easy to install 
    • Easy to use